Welcome to heron’s documentation! — Heron 0.1.0+65.g49fbb43.dirty documentation

Welcome to heron’s documentation!

Heron is a Python package for producing surrogate models for computationally intensive functions, such as numerical relativity waveforms.

API documentation

This is the low-level documentation for how each of the functions and classes in the package actually work. If you’re looking to get started using heron you might be better-off looking at some of the tutorials.

Surrogate Modelling

heron.data The data module is designed to load and prepare arbitrary data sets for use in machine learning algorithms.
heron.priors Prior distributions for GP hyperpriors.
heron.kernels Kernel functions for GPs.
heron.regression Functions and classes for contructing regression surrogate models.
heron.training These are functions designed to be used for training a Gaussian process made using heron.

Matched Filtering


Bayesian optimisation

heron.acquisition Acquisition functions for Bayesian optimisation.

The Heron Code repository

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