Minke is a pipeline to produce Burst Mock Data Challenges for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. It is capable of producing ad-hoc and numerical relativity burst injections.

Minke is designed to simplify the production processes for MDCs, and to facilitate the automated production of injection frames during observing runs.

In order to run Minke you’ll need to have LALSuite installed, and at the moment you’ll need to have the simburst-rel branch of it installed specifically, so that you can make supernova (and other numerical relativity) injections.

If you’re looking to make MDC injection sets for a burst analysis, but you aren’t concerned with contributing new code take a look at the User Guide. If you need a feature which isn’t currently implemented then please have a look at the “Contributing” section of the Developer Guide.

The Minke framework aims to be flexible, and easily extended to include new waveform morphologies, and signal distributions, so if you find something lacking feel free to make a pull request!

Parameter distributions

Parameter distributions

Developer guide

Minke is under continuous development, and more help is always needed!

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