Notes on using Numerical Relativity Data

Minke is capable of producing signals which are based on waveforms calculated by numerical relativity simulations, for example, supernova and ADI waveforms.

In order to allow the production of these waveforms the standard LALSuite definition of a SimBurstTable has been altered on the minke branch of LALSuite to contain an extra column to contain a filepath to a sidecar file containing the raw waveform.

Minke is not distributed with numerical waveform data, however LSC members may access all of the data required for the production of any of the supported waveforms by cloning the internal minke-supernova repository, and linking to those files when producing the xml files. This repository can be cloned by running:

$ git clone

If you’re using Minke to generate signal sets, but aren’t a member of the LSC then you can download the data for each individual signal set.


The rotational core-collapse simulations detailed in Dimmelmeier et al. (2008) are available from


The 3D hydrodynamic 3-species neutrino heating waveforms from Ott et al. (2013) are available from