Hardware Injections

In addition to being able to produce software injections using Minke, you can produce data in a format which is suitable for injection into the hardware systems of gravitational wave detector using the photometric calibrator (PCAL).

Production of hardware injections is supported for all of the waveform families supported by Minke.

In order to produce hardware injection ‘frames’, which are stored as ASCII-format text files, Minke provides an HWFrameSet class, which can be used analogously to the normal FrameSet class for producing GWF-format frame files.

class minke.mdctools.HWFrameSet(ifos=['H1', 'L1'])[source]


full_frameset(mdc, directory[, force])

Produce the gwf files which corresponds to the MDC set over the period of the frames in this collection.


from minke import mdctools, distribution, sources
mdcset = mdctools.MDCSet(['L1', 'H1', 'V1'])

time = 1000

hrss = 1e-22 # This is for a harware injection, so this is a nominal strain; it can be rescaled by multiplying all of the strain values.

sg = sources.SineGaussian(time=time, q=100, frequency=235, hrss=hrss, polarisation="elliptical")

mdcset + sg


inj = mdctools.HWFrameSet(ifos=["H1", "L1", "V1"])
frames = inj.full_frameset(mdc=mdcset, directory="./")